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The Photographs in this WebSite arrive from different sources.

Some began as Commercial Commissions,

Magazine assignments, Reportage, Cultural Beats,

Fashion Portfolios, Album Covers, Architectural,

Snapshots from the road, Personal obsession, and so on.

I had been doing it for over 30 years!

But Photography is an unruly marriage of Ideas and Process,

There is my Vision as a Photographer and there are

The Assistants, Hairdressers, Make-Up Artists, Stylists,

Models, Technicians, Publicists, Editors, Art Directors,

That need to be pacified without diminishing

The artistry of the Photographer in order

To achieve a great Picture.

But ultimately is a process of collaboration!

It can be complicated,

But it is a process where Everybody needs to leave

their egos hanging at the door

in order to achieve the ultimate goal!

A great Shot.

Open your eyes and see the beauty that surrounds you!

Do it now, because later is sooner than you think.

We start out as a blank canvas,

it is our task to create art, Music, Poetry,

but we need to provided the paint and brushes

to control our destiny.

Too many times we get ourselves preoccupied

with daily pursuits as we keep pressing on blindly.

This, among other things, results in workaholic escapism

that accounts for a good deal of human endeavor,

let’s play and love one another, you get what you give!

Your vision will become clear only when you

look into your heart.

The one that looks outside dreams,

the one that looks inside awakens!

What we perceive with our five senses is, in effect,

an illusion. I always see better when my eyes are closed!

I want to maximize my potential and in so doing,

inspire others to see through their dreams.


© J. Jurado 1992

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